We Have Been Warned! Our suppliers have warned us that steel prices will increase around the 1st of the year. The increase of steel prices is being felt across the United States for many different industries. We wanted to give customers this information immediately once we saw the announced price increases. That is why it is imperative that customers place their orders now, before the price increases. For example: A base price of $695 will probably go up to $795 or higher in certain areas.

Can I Lock in Pricing Before Then?

Yes. We will honor prices of any building with a signed Order Form and a payed Down Payment, before the factory raises their prices. However, Quotes and Estimates do not lock in the price quoted. When an order form is written and signed, and the down payment has been paid, then the price is locked. So to ensure you do not see a price increase for your building, please place your order before the 1st of the year.

Is This a Marketing Gimmick?

It is not. The price increases are very real. The steel industry had another price increase back in January and in most regions, there was not an increase on our products. But this time, all regions will be affected because we cannot absorb another price increase. Take the price increases very seriously as we will not be able to honor any lower pricing once new pricing is in effect.

We do not have any firm dates for when to expect a price increase from our suppliers other than around the 1st of the year. If we hear anything more definite, we will pass that information along.