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    Please give us your complete address so that we can better estimate prices and taxes for your specific area.

  • Your Building Dimensions

    End Walls

    The gable end of the building typically start at 12' wide and go up in 2' increments. Custom sizes will be priced at the next larger common size. Example: a 17' wide will be priced as an 18' but built 17' wide as requested.

    Side Walls

    Generally start at 20' and typically go up in 5' increments. Custom sizes will be priced at the next common size up.

    Side Wall Height

    Generally starts at 6' and typically go up in 1' increments. Additional rates for labor and equipment for building over 12' tall. Custom sizes will be priced at the next common size up.
  • Your Roof Style

    Roof Styles
  • Your Roof Style

    Standard Horizontal

    A good roof and the most economical. The roof panels run end to end with a 6 inch overhang on each end. Not recommended for roofs over 31' long.

    A-Frame Horizontal

    A better roof style. Roof panels run front to back and has a 6" overhang all around. Not recommended for roofs longer than 31'.

    A-Frame Vertical

    The best roof style. There is extra framing to support roof panels that run from top to bottom. Suitable for all building sizes. Highly recommended for snow.
  • Your Snow Load

  • Your Options

  • You must have a level surface prepared in advance of the installation of your metal structure.
  • Your Color Choices

    12 Colors To Choose From
  • (Vertical Roof Style Only)
  • Your Building Permits

    It is the owner's responsibility to obtain building permits. Choose below what engineering documents you require.

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