Top 10 Countdown
It’s that time of year when we everyone in the snow belt has to deal with snow. Personally, I like snow. I like four distinct seasons. Now that I live on the Texas Oklahoma border, I don’t get see four seasons. I don’t get to play in the snow much ether. But for you guys in the snow belt… gone are the days when we were younger and thought that when the snows came it meant magical times full of fort building, snowball fights and days off from school. Now when it snows we think of hours digging out the car and driveway, cold feet, wet hands and a chill that just won’t go away!

What do you think of when you look out the window and see a foot of snow on your car or truck out in your driveway? I think of getting a free workout! Most people think of excuses to go back to bed until it all melts in the Spring! Unfortunately, we are not bears that get to hibernate all winter. So here is my fun list of 10 quick ways to clear the snow from your vehicles and driveway.

  1. Use a Shovel
    It is a great workout and no gym dues! Yes! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Okay, you’re not me. I know… you are thinking of the back pain! Just buckle down and head out into the winter wonderland and get to scooping up the snow into neat piles. Remember to lift with your knees, not your back. Also keep an eye out for your neighbors who are older and give them a hand since you’re out there anyway! If you are using your shovel to unbury your vehicle be careful not to scratch your paint job! Go gently and use the shovel more to scoop than to scrape.
  2. Snow Blower Heaven
    Was this the best tool you ever bought, or what!? You can make quick work of the driveway and walkways with this, but you are likely to be asked the whole block to help! Personally, when I lived up north, in leu of money, I got on everybody’s cookie list. My slogan was, “Snow Blow for Cookie Dough”. You still need to unbury the car on your own, but at least this option saves your back and fills your cookie jar!
  3. Where’s Your Broom?
    I’m lucky where I live, the snow is light and fluffy, so I just get after it with the broom! Sweep away the layer of snow on your truck or car and then do a little dance while sweeping up the driveway. This is not only quick and easy, but you can count it as your workout for the day! Just make sure that you don’t get too complicated in your dance moves and slip on any ice!
  4. Not Just for Leaves Anymore!
    When you purchased your leaf blower did you only have visions of using it when the fall winds made golden piles of leaves everywhere? Think outside the box! If there is enough power to clear your yard of leaves, then why not blow away the snow that is on your cars and driveway? If it is not a really wet heavy snow, you should be able to show your creativity with this fun new use of your leaf blower! Plus, I blow my grandkids down the drive while they steer their wagon or tricycle. Or use it to propel your toboggan around snow drifts!
  5. Lay it Down and Wrap it Up – Tarps to the Rescue
    Ok, so you know when the snow is coming, at least fairly certain if you listen to your local weather team. So, pull out those tarps and lay them down! You can wrap your vehicle and lay them on your walkways. Sit back and let it snow! When you are ready just head outside and lift the tarps up off the walkway and tada! You have a clear path. Unwrap your vehicle and smile as you don’t have to fuss with the snow and ice. Just remember to bring your muscles if you use this method and the snow is heavy, you may have a bit of a workout.
  6. Now Where Did Those Kids Get To?
    It’s always more satisfying to accomplish a task without having to lift a finger, so why not take that line of thought to clearing away the snow in your yard? Send the kids out to do it! Don’t have kids around? Look around the neighborhood for an enterprising young person looking to earn a few dollars. Sit back with your cup of cocoa and watch out the window as you escape having to go out into the cold and wet!
  7. Hair Dryer?
    Yes! Hair dryer! Pull out that extension cord and get to it! Take the stream of heat to the windows of your vehicle and save your arms from the reaching and scraping of using the snow brush! This may take a little longer but soon you’ll have the snow and ice melted away and you can even keep your face warm by aiming the hair dryer at yourself when needed!
  8. Fight Frozen Water with Water!
    You know the saying, fight fire with fire? Well why not fight water with water? Snow and ice are merely frozen forms of water. Set your pot to boiling and then pour that water over your drive way and even your vehicle! No shoveling, no scraping, just pour away! The up side of this is that you’ll end up with an icy mess that you can skate on! But you’ll be on your way before you need to worry about that! Quick and easy way to clear off the car and off you go. You can skate when you get back home.
  9. Snow Ball Stash
    What could be more fun than time with the kids in the yard? If you need to clear off your vehicle anyway, why not stock up on some fun ammunition? Scoop up handfuls of snow off the hood and windows and form piles of snowballs! Hide them around the doors and areas of your yard that will be helpful for ambushing those you love! Bring fun and laughter to an otherwise unwanted chore!
  10. And the Best Way to Clear the Snow is …
    Not Needing To Clear It At All! By having a metal carport or garage, you protect your vehicle from the wear and tear of the ice and snow. Not to mention the danger of scratches from snow brushes, scrappers, shovels and the like. You will never be late to work again because you didn’t consider the time needed to dig out your truck! Enjoy your day instead of having to struggle to get out of the driveway.

American Steel Carport Sales offer the leading metal carports and metal buildings around. Engineered Certified that it will handle your local snow loads. Why not add that bit of storage and protection for your vehicles and save yourself the trouble and stress of needing to worry about clearing snow away from your vehicle?

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