Even if you’re not an avid gardener, having a garden shed is a homeowner’s essential. You can make it a quaint space to tend to plants, or a space to store landscaping equipment, which will depend on your individual needs.

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Here are the essentials you need for a garden shed.

Peg Board

A peg board mounted to a wall will allow you to hang garden tools. This will make it easy to quickly spot just what you need, and ensures your tools are ready to go when you need them. Hang tools, tape, and anything else that will fit.


Get a multi-tiered shelf to store larger equipment and other essentials. If you have kids and pets, you should store toxic chemicals up high.

A Work Table

Set aside a work table to perform a number of tasks. You can create seedling trays, and if the shed has a window, you should put the table next to it so the seeds will grow. Or you can use the table to do repairs on tools and other equipment. Put a watering can, pruning shears, and other things that you use often nearby.

Pegs for Electrical Cords

Hang up extension cords from pegs mounted near the ceiling. This will ensure they’re not tangled, stepped on, or damaged.

Wall Mounts for Garden Tools

Instead of tossing shovels, hoes, and rakes into a corner, mount each one on the wall. You can buy a rack or brackets specifically for this purpose, or put your DIY skills to good use and make your own.

Room to Store Large Equipment

You need room to safely store your larger equipment. You not only want to make sure it’s not in the way, but you want to make sure that it’s not going to be damaged by the elements.

Creating a gardening shed is a wonderful way to use a storage building. To get yours, contact American Steel Carports for a free estimate today!